2021 End of the Year Post

I don’t normally do posts that aren’t related directly to infosec topics, but I thought I would do a year end review where I wrap things up.

2021 sucked. It was a hard year for me just like it was for almost everyone else. If we restrict things to just this blog, I wrote 23 posts this year which is way more than any other year. So I did write a lot. wc -w tells me I wrote 39775 words this last year in my posts.

Some of the posts, like the last two I wrote were mostly duds in terms of practical impact, but hopefully there are some interesting techniques and lessons to be learned.

These two posts are largely representative of the work I did this year on this blog; lots of interesting details but ultimately no cohesive narrative. That is to say, I feel as though I was unfocused this year in my writing. I think there are still valuable things to be learned from what I wrote in 2021. However, I hope to take this blog to the next level in 2022 by developing themes and topics that guide the content I create here.

I have some interesting things in flight that will make early 2022 fun; I do look forward to the new year and what it will bring.

I want to thank you if you are reading this or have read any of my previous posts this year or before. Ultimately I write to share knowledge and that wouldn’t be possible without readers! So thank you, and I hope you have a wonderful holiday season and that 2022 brings you many good things. If you have found anything I wrote useful over the last year, consider sending me a DM on twitter.